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MS-PSWD - Administrator Password Reconstruction Service
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MS-PSWD - Administrator Password Reconstruction Service

Provider: Fluke
Category: Fluke-Calibrators & Standards /Calibration Software 
Price: Call us (84-8) 39 572 812

MS-PSWD - Administrator Password Reconstruction Service Activities for system administrators in MET/CAL  ®  , 5500/CAL or MET/TRACK  ® systems are limited to system-related activities. These include adding, changing or deleting users, setting access levels and so on. Performing these activities is crucial to the operation of the system. Without a system administrator, a customer is essentially “locked out” of these important functions.

From time to time, customers forget or lose the system administrator password, which can result in limited to no access to their calibration system.

MS-PSWD is a service that customers in this predicament can purchase to get their systems password reestablished. The database is sent to the Fluke MET/SUPPORT group (via FTP or other means), and we reconstruct a system administrator password using special tools in the support group.

This service may be purchased separately. It also is included in the MET/SUPPORT Gold Priority Support program.



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